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Come Join Our Fall Training League

Description: This 8 week course will teach student-athletes skills for all positions as well as provide weekly homework. Coach Chase Young will lead the instruction of skills, drills, and concepts for 30-45 min followed by 30-45 minutes of live scrimmage. These sessions allow players to improve their skills through challenging drills while allowing them to feel comfortable practicing their new skills in a live setting. For many multi-sport athletes this is a great program to help keep them in basketball shape without a huge commitment. For HS players trying to get ready for the HS season in November or youth players planning to tryout for Roosevelt Select at the end of October this is highly recommended.

Price: $225/8 sessions or $35/session for prorated student-athletes


  • September 10, 17 & 24
  • October 1, 8, 15, 22, 29


  • Tuesdays, 3pm-4:15pm for Girls 4th-8th Grade
  • Tuesdays, 4:15pm-5:30pm for Boys 3rd-5th Grade
  • Tuesdays, 5:30pm-6:45pm for Boys 6th-8th Grade
  • Tuesdays, 6:45pm-8pm for Boys High School
  • Thursdays, 3pm-4:15pm for Girls 4th-8th Grade

Gym: Calvary Christian Assembly Church

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Fall/Winter 2019/2020 Tryouts Posted

Please Note: All players must register before tryouts.

Thank you for your interest in our Fall tryouts. We recommend players try to get into Session 2 or Session 3 of our Elite Camps to get into shape and for coaches and players can get to know potential new team members.

Season Length: September through February
Practices: Mondays
Trainings: Thursday
Games: League and Tournaments
Costs: $1,440

Youth Boys Team Tryouts Schedule

Tryout #1: August 24th (Saturday)

4th Grade Boys: 2:30-3:30pm
5th Grade Boys: 3:30-4:30pm
6th Grade Boys: 4:30pm-5:45pm
7th Grade Boys: 5:45-7pm
8th Grade Boys: 7-8:15pm

Tryout #2: August 31st (Saturday)

4th Grade Boys: 5:00-6:15pm
5th Grade Boys: 5:00-6:15pm
6th Grade Boys: 6:15-7:30pm
7th Grade Boys: 6:15-7:30pm
8th Grade Boys: 7:30-8:30pm

Location: Calvary Church – 6801 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle

Summer Elite Camps

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R3BAR Alpha Pro Training and R3BAR Mini Band Training with Coach Mike Knight

We offer two different types of physical training through R3BAR at our Calvary Christian Assembly Church on Thursday evenings starting March 14th and running through May 23rd.

1. R3BAR Mini Band Group Training: These sessions are on our full court for 30 minutes with our current team members. Individuals can sign up for these 30 min sessions with a mini band to work on strength, flexibility, mobility, balance, and quickness.

2. R3BAR Alpha Pro Training: Coach Mike will work with individuals or small groups in a smaller room next to our court with the R3BAR Alpha training system. This is the best strength, mobility, and balance training for youth and HS student-athletes.

  • Mini Band R3BAR Large Group Session from 5-5:30pm (4th-8th boys/girls)
  • ALPHA R3BAR Private Session from 5:30-6pm (4th-6th boys/girls)
  • ALPHA R3BAR Private Session from 6-6:30pm (HS boys/girls)
  • ALPHA R3BAR Private Session from 6:30-7pm (7th-8th boys/girls)
  • ALPHA R3BAR Private Session from 7-7:30pm (HS boys/girls)
  • Mini Band R3BAR Large Group Session from 7:30-8pm (HS boys/girls)


  • 1 month – $100
  • 2 months – $160
  • 3 months – $220

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Spring Training League is Here!

The Seattle Select / Roosevelt Select Spring Training League is a weekly training with an emphasis on fundamentals and live scrimmage. Each week the student-athletes will work on position specific drills and concepts, compete in live games, and receive weekly homework. The Training League will offer a high level of instruction and fun with players of the same age, skill, and gender.

This is a great program for student-athletes to play basketball and improve their skills without a huge commitment. These sessions are run by coach Chase Young and other staff members.


  • Girls 3rd-5th Grade: Mondays, 4-5pm @ Calvary Church from Mar 4th – May 20th
  • Girls 6th-8th Grade: Wednesdays, 6-7pm @ U Prep from Mar 6th – May 22nd
  • Boys 3rd-5th Grade: Tuesdays, 4-5pm @ Calvary Church from Mar 5th – May 21st
  • Boys 6th-8th Grade: Wednesdays, 7-8pm @ U Prep from Mar 6th – May 22nd
  • Boys High School: Wednesdays, 8-9pm @ U Prep from Mar 6th – May 22nd

Price: $200 / 3 months (March through – May) and includes reversible jersey.

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