Fall/Winter Info


Thank you for your interest in our Fall/Winter basketball programs. We will be offering 3 different programs for student-athletes 3rd-HS boys and 4th-8th grade girls.

Winter In-House Training League

Thank you for your interest in our Fall In-house Training League. This league will run on Saturdays to help give our community student-athletes a place to play since the Seattle Parks and Rec League is most likely not going to happen this year. Players will attend once a week for 1.25 hours. They will train for the first half and play in live games the second half of class. Our coaches and trainers will ref the games and a score board will be used. Training will consist of fundamentals and concepts for all positions on offense and defense. We will also work on multiple offenses and defenses during our live scrimmages.

Location: Calvary Church Gym – 6801 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA. 98115

$450 Includes Jersey or Shirt

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HS Elite Training

This is a weekly class on Sundays where our HS team members and some selected non-team members come to improve their skills for the next level. With Fall ball and other sports, this is a great way to continue to prepare them for the upcoming HS season.

Cost $250 (Sept-Oct)

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Youth AAU Teams

Our youth teams start as young as 3rd grade and run through 8th grade boys and girls. We will field elite travel teams that will travel to two tournaments in Portland and participate in the highest level of regional AAU basketball. We will also field local AAU teams which will play in and around the Seattle area in divisions closer to their skill level. Our girls teams typically practice on Mondays and boys teams on Tuesdays. There are also additional training sessions that they attend each week.


  • Sept-Oct: Fall League
  • Nov-Feb: WYS, SYB, WTA and Hoopsource Tournaments
  • Dec. 17-19th: Portland X-Mas Classic ***For Travel Teams***
  • Feb. 19-21st: Presidents Day Tournament in Portland *** For Travel Teams***


  • Girls 4th Team Practice 4-5:15pm Monday
  • Girls 5th Team Practice 4-5:15pm Monday
  • Girls 6th Team Practice 4-5:15pm Monday
  • Boys 4th Team Practice 4-5:15pm Tuesday
  • Boys 5th Team Practice 4-5:15pm Tuesday
  • Boys 6th A Team Practice 5:15-6:30pm Tuesday
  • Boys 6th B Team Practice 5:15-6:30pm Tuesday
  • Boys 7th A Team Practice 6:30-7:45pm Tuesday
  • Boys 7th B Team Practice 6:30-7:45pm Tuesday
  • Boys 8th A Team Practice 7:45-9pm Tuesday
  • Boys 8th B Team Practice 7:45-9pm Tuesday


  • Girls 4th-6th Training 4-5pm Thursday
  • Boys 3rd-5th Training 5-6pm Thursday
  • Boys 6th Training 6-7pm Thursday
  • Boys 7th Training 7-8pm Thursday
  • Boys 8th Training 8-9pm Thursday