Seattle Select 2019 3.53 Cumulative Team GPA

The Seattle Select 2019 is a one of the premier freshmen teams in the NW and they are all dedicated to the classroom. It’s rare to have one of the most talented teams in the west coast that has the grades that this team does. We could not be more proud to have these student-athletes represent us on a national level. All players have received invitations to the West Coast and Northwest High Academic Showcase Camps this Summer and Fall to play in front high academic D1, D2, and D3 coaches and scouts.

“We are getting a lot of attention from the college coaches because of their GPA, more than the fact that they can dunk on guys and hit 3’s. Their competitiveness in the classroom shows a lot about their character and college coaches want the athletes who have proven their abilities to manage time, prioritize, and work hard in school. Players with high GPAs exhibit these qualities. College coaches are blown away when they see this explosive team knowing they all have the grades to pass through their admissions.” – Coach Chase Young