Thank You Sponsors!

Seattle Select Basketball Club would like to recognize the following organizations for their support and sponsorship to help our player, teams, and program. We rely heavily on support from our sponsors and team fundraisers. As a 501(c)3 level organization your sponsorship or donations are all tax deductible. We encourage you to contact us for more information on how to help support the teams. Thank you all very much for your support!

  • Under Armour
  • UA Rise
  • UA Future
  • UA
  • Battle in Seattle
  • eakman-construction-logo
  • Dr. Bethany Tennant
  • Team Sports Admin
  • protime-logo
  • r3bar-logo
  • strideline-logo
  • watts-basketball-logo
  • west-coast-elite-basket-ball-logo
  • zeeks-pizza-logo
  • bobs-burgers-logo
  • Rehab United Seattle Logo
  • Haven Financial Partners